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Title: Exploring CPM 10V Steel: A High-Performance Tool Steel


CPM 10V steel is a high-performance tool steel known for its exceptional wear resistance and toughness. Developed by Crucible Particle Metallurgy (CPM), this steel variant has gained significant popularity in numerous industries due to its outstanding properties. In this article, we will explore the composition, characteristics, applications, and advantages of CPM 10V steel.


CPM 10V steel is a powder metallurgy tool steel that primarily consists of carbon (2.45%), chromium (5.25%), vanadium (9%), molybdenum (1.3%), and cobalt (9.75%). This alloying composition contributes to the steel’s exceptional wear resistance, toughness, and heat resistance properties.


1. Wear Resistance: CPM 10V steel exhibits outstanding wear resistance, making it ideal for applications involving abrasive materials such as metal stamping, cutting tools, and wear-resistant parts.

2. Toughness: This steel variant also possesses high toughness, enabling it to withstand heavy impacts and loads without chipping or cracking. It makes CPM 10V suitable for applications that require both wear resistance and toughness.

3. Heat Resistance: The addition of vanadium and molybdenum enhances the steel’s ability to resist high temperatures, allowing it to retain its hardness even at elevated temperatures.

4. Corrosion Resistance: CPM 10V steel offers good resistance against oxidation and corrosion, which ensures its long-term performance in various environments.


Due to its excellent combination of wear resistance, toughness, and heat resistance, CPM 10V steel finds applications in a wide range of industries, including:

1. Metalworking Industry: CPM 10V is commonly used in metal stamping dies, cutting tools, punches, and other components subjected to high wear and impact.

2. Plastic Molding Industry: It is used in injection molds, extrusion dies, and other tooling components that require resistance against abrasive materials and high temperatures.

3. Woodworking Industry: CPM 10V steel is utilized in manufacturing woodworking tools such as knives, planer blades, and saws that require high wear resistance and toughness.

4. Aerospace Industry: This steel variant finds applications in aircraft engine components, landing gears, and other critical parts exposed to extreme conditions.


1. Extended Tool Life: The exceptional wear resistance of CPM 10V steel significantly extends the lifespan of cutting tools and other components, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

2. Increased Productivity: CPM 10V’s ability to retain its hardness at high temperatures allows for higher cutting speeds and feed rates, resulting in improved productivity.

3. Versatility: The combination of wear resistance, toughness, and heat resistance makes CPM 10V suitable for a wide range of applications, eliminating the need for multiple specialized tool steels.

4. Consistency: Being a powder metallurgy steel, CPM 10V offers uniform distribution of carbides, resulting in consistent hardness and performance across the entire tool or component.


CPM 10V steel has emerged as a leading tool steel due to its remarkable wear resistance, toughness, and heat resistance properties. Its composition and characteristics make it ideal for various demanding applications across industries like metalworking, plastic molding, woodworking, and aerospace. With its extended tool life, increased productivity, versatility, and consistency, CPM 10V steel continues to be a preferred choice for high-performance tooling solutions.

What is CPM 10V steel