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Engaging in metal polishing and polishing will inevitably be damaged by dust, noise, and metal friction. How to better protect yourself at work, let’s have a good talk today:

1. Working for a long time, the dust will affect the health of the respiratory tract, such as pneumoconiosis. Therefore, choose a qualified dust mask to wear before work to minimize the inhalation of dust and avoid the resulting harm.

2. It is difficult to avoid noise during polishing. After working for a long time, you will feel ear pain and hearing loss, such as noise-induced deafness. Wear protective earplugs before work. It is best to relax for 2-3 hours after work to calm your body and mind.

3. When polishing and polishing, it is unavoidable to have sparks and other metal fragments splashing. diamond grinding wheel At this time, it is easy to hurt people, such as burns, foreign objects splashed into the eyes, etc. Wear a protective mask or protective glasses before work to ensure safety.

In addition, when polishing and polishing, the instantaneous temperature of the surface of the polished workpiece can reach 180 ° C ~ 400 ° C due to frictional heating. Immediate contact with the surface when stopping will cause burns or skin burns. Therefore, gloves and protective clothing should be worn before work. Prevent accidents from happening.

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