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Polishing machine: polishing machine than grinding machine and grinding machine is a wide variety of categories, mainly divided into manual polishing machine and automatic polishing machine. The type of manual polishing machine is relatively single, which is mainly composed of a motor and a single shaft with a polishing wheel. Automatic polishing machine because of the efficiency of the most professional, there will be different machinery for different products, resulting in more types of automatic polishing machine. Example: Hardware products, flat products, round tubes, square tubes and other products surface polishing treatment, can be the effect of the metal surface to the mirror. It is a processing equipment that can achieve the most bright effect in surface treatment.

Grinding machine: also known as vibration grinding machine, through the workpiece and stone and other abrasive friction to reduce the surface of the workpiece burr, grinding square type, mostly for the cylindrical shape design. It is suitable for surface polishing, chamfering, removing burring, polishing and gloss finishing of small and medium size workpieces. The original shape and dimensional accuracy of the parts will not be damaged after treatment, and the internal stress of the parts can be eliminated, and the surface finish and accuracy of the parts can be improved. For example, the surface preliminary treatment of the most commonly used products such as Buddhist beads, small die castings, and screw caps requires the use of this vibration grinder.

Grinding machine: according to the power classification can be divided into pneumatic grinding machine and electroplated diamond wheel machine, according to the mechanical scale can be divided into seated grinding machine and portable grinding machine. Suitable for iron plate, wood, plastic, tire industry surface grinding, ship, automobile, abrasive tools, aviation industry fine polishing, burring, rust, paint and other operations. Iron plates, planks, clinker, etc., are generally used as seated sanders, while larger surfaces such as automobiles and ships are generally used as portable sanders. Through the understanding of the appeal, it is not difficult to find that the three kinds of machinery that I often confuse in the industry are actually huge differences in the field of processing, and we can also distinguish according to their specific processing fields or the final effect of the finished product. Polishing is the need to process products to the surface bright, grinding is the product skin impurities and burrs are processed to achieve smooth, grinding is mainly to make the surface of the product flat.

The difference between polishing machine, grinding machine and grinding machine