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One year to Nepal travel, the companion is three young girls, personality, enthusiasm like fire, can eat and drink, we lived in the same inn, spent a happy time, still good in retrospect!

Nepal is a country full of happiness, people who have not been here always feel very mysterious, people here are always filled with enthusiastic smiling faces, can eat enough, wear warm is the status of many people satisfied, they treat tourists from afar full of care, Nepal’s low consumption level, beautiful natural scenery, is a very good place for hiking, here a few dollars to eat, Tens of dollars to stay in a hotel, many people have not been to Nepal, the real Nepal may subvert your imagination.

Nepal borders the Tibetan region of our country, friends who have been to Tibet should know what a magical place it is, due to its special geographical location, few people have actually been to Nepal this country, Nepal is north of the Himalayas, south of the Indian plain, embedded in it, under the silent snow mountains is described as: “Sherpas walking on the mountain ridge with heavy weights, yaks ringing in the distance, temples chanting and mumbling, snowman stories spread everywhere”, these vivid depictions and unique geographical location make Nepal a paradise for hikers!

Many people think that Nepal is synonymous with remote and backward, compared with rich material life, perhaps Nepalese people are more concerned about spiritual wealth, earning more or less does not matter, to ensure food and clothing can be, I once went to Nepal, I want to walk to see the face of the top of the world, magnificent scenery indeed appreciated. But what is more memorable is the happy, optimistic, positive and friendly attitude of Nepalese people, which surprised me!

Below, I will lead you to understand this country from all aspects of Nepalese people’s clothing, food, housing, income and consumption, customs and habits, etc. Interested friends please continue reading!

A basic introduction to Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country in southern Asia, bordering Tibet of our country, covering an area of 147,100 square kilometers, with a population of about 30 million, the capital is located in Kathmandu, and the national language is Nepali. Nepal is a country with beautiful scenery and splendid culture. Nepal is also a traditional agricultural producing country, but it is one of the least developed countries in the world, with a GDP of $36.289 billion in 2021 and a GDP per capita of about $1,209.

Nepal lies below the Himalayas and is bordered by eight peaks above 8,000 metres, including: Mt. Qomolangma 8848.86 m, Mt. Kanchenjunga 8586 m, Mt. Lhotse 8516 m, Mt. Makaru 8463 m, Mt. Jooyu 8201 m, Mt. Dhara Jili 8167 m, Mt. Manaslu 8156 m, Mt. Annapurna 8091 m.

There are many mountains and few lands, which is the current situation of Nepal. 80% of the country’s population lives on farming, there are many farmers, but there is no good land, and it is difficult to grow food in barren mountains and feed themselves. Poverty has never been soft on Nepali people. In 2019, it received 1.19 million foreign tourists.

Many people come to Nepal to travel, not simply to experience the local customs, after all, here is really too far, these people are running Nepal’s unique natural resources, want to climb the peak to come, so Nepal is a lot of trekking enthusiasts heart yearning for the place!
What I saw on my way to Nepal

To Nepal, you can choose to arrive in Kathmandu by plane, many people will choose to start from Kunming, transit through India, and then arrive in Kathmandu, but you can also choose to take a car from the border port, I chose the latter!

In the summer of 2019, taking the opportunity of summer vacation, I came to Lhasa, Tibet to play, a person’s journey is always full of a variety of surprises, the few days living in Lhasa youth Hostel, I met two like-minded friends, a few glasses of wine, hit it off, the idea of traveling to Nepal coincides with everyone, anyway, where to play, it is not bad these days!

The original plan to go to Nepal is not, but the journey is like this, not full of surprises, is full of fright, I think, three people together on the road, at least each other can have a look after, after all, is to a strange place, or have friends together more safe!

The visa to Nepal is free, the process is very fast, and then we took a bus from Lhasa to Jilong County (under the Xigaze city), the road condition is not very good, bumpy abnormal, the driver in order to get on the road, and overnight from Jilong County to Jilong Town, the first night we will stay in a hotel in Jilong town, three girls crowded in a standard room, Only more than 100 pieces, the next morning, we three girls had a simple breakfast, then took a taxi to the Gyirong port, here after the record, can enter Nepal!

It takes only 1 hour from Jirong town to Jirong port, after customs clearance, security check, check luggage and documents, walk 200 meters to the off-road vehicle side of Nepal, discuss the price of the car to Kathmandu, generally about 150-200 yuan per capita, the price is finalized, and be ready for the next 7 hours of bumpy mountain road!

As soon as we three young and beautiful girls boarded the SUV, the atmosphere was instantly different. The companions were basically strangers, all of whom were carpooling to Kathmandu. There were businessmen at the border and Chinese people on foot. I don’t know what will happen next!

Along the way, after a strict security check, about 6-7 times of inspection, each time is to check luggage and documents, there is no doubt that every inspection, we will be special treatment, fortunately, there is no accident along the way, a heart is really hanging and hanging, but I am a little lost, as if something should happen in the dark!

The scenery of Nepal is really no choice, especially in this deep mountain, because it is summer, full of green, full of green, mountains, like a picture in general, on the hot rope Bridge overlooking the mountain scenery on both sides of Nepal, there is a sense of inexplicable intoxicating, the uncanny workmanship of nature, it is not three words can be said clearly, the heart is full of emotion, thoughts, In addition to shock is moved!

Short 200 kilometers of the mountain road, the road is complete and difficult to walk, actually walked for 7 hours, anyway, safety is the most important, let alone just rained, it is muddy, although the car shook, but see the scenery outside the window, feel all hard is worth it!

When we arrived in Kathmandu, it was nearly evening, the driver took us to the front door of the hotel booked in advance, and the fellow passengers invited us to have a good dinner together, but we all refused, only saying: Goodbye!

The first impression of Kathmandu is not very deep, perhaps it is the shaking along the way has made the body tired, came to the reserved high-end wine, etc., the consumption is not very expensive, the per capita room rate is 80 yuan per night, the room has air conditioning, hot water, too late to think, comfortably washed a hot bath, washed off the dust, a simple snack, then went to bed. Come to Nepal for the first time, be sure to welcome the next journey with the most full enthusiasm!

Hello, Nepal!

Came to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, of course, to walk around in the street, in order to experience the local customs and customs, last night just arrived, it was dark, did not see the real look of the capital Kathmandu, now during the day really saw the real face, alas, this is really the capital of a country?

The street environment of Kathmandu is really not a bad word can describe it, pedestrians, vehicles, animals mixed in, the air filled with a special smell, when we three girls walking on the street, always feel the strange men next to us cast curious eyes, some daring people even take the initiative to approach, take the opportunity to chat and have asked for a photo. We rejected them all!

Kathmandu’s road conditions are very bad, walking is too much trouble, we are ready to go to the Durbar Square, we waved to a local tricycle, the driver can speak a few simple English, after a conversation, at a very low price of 100 rupees successfully negotiated, equivalent to 5 dollars, they took us to escape the crowd, towards the Durbar Square, all the way up, Once again we were impressed by the bad roads in Kathmandu, the navigation only took more than 10 minutes, the driver turned left and right, but he arrived on time with great skill. When we got off the bus, we paid him 20 rupees more, and the driver thanked him repeatedly!

Came to the famous Durbar Square, found here is really extraordinary, although it is known as the crystallization of Nepal’s historical and cultural tourism resources, but on April 25, 2015, Durbar Square suffered a magnitude 8.1 earthquake, resulting in the destruction of most of the buildings, although the later after repair, but the traces of trauma can still be seen!

Inside the square to visit is the need to buy a ticket, but when we get off the bus, it has been regarded as the target customer stare, along the way, there are always people to us to sell the so-called need to buy a ticket to enter, local vegetables, incense, selling goods in twos and twos to stay there, do these locals also have to buy tickets every day to visit? In order to appreciate the charm of Durbar Square, we each bought a ticket at our own expense of 1,000 rupees, equivalent to 50 yuan per person, which is not low, but then something happened that made us want to leave here immediately!

When we were sitting on the steps in a daze, a little girl came next to us, apparently not very old, wearing clothes like school uniforms. Seeing us three girls in a daze, she came to chat with us. We were very happy to have a little girl who spoke English to chat and communicate in English without pressure. We talked about a lot of content, but also told her how wonderful the outside world, but also talked about school, life, the future, ideals, hobbies, etc., but when we talked, we found that she was a little absent-minded, at her request, I helped her take a photo!

After the photo was taken, the little girl said to us, “Sisters, I have a family problem, can you give me $50 to pay for my father’s medical treatment?”

We suddenly stunned there, this small scene I have seen more, in the way of chatting and communication, selling compassion, I do not know how many times I have seen, did not expect, in foreign countries even have such a straightforward hand for money behavior, in my eyes, she is not a simple little girl, but a very deep, deeply involved in the world, mind mature people, I really can not accept the sincere communication before, we made eye contact, did not say anything, directly stood up and walked out, after her so much trouble, we have no mood!

When we got up and walked outside, we found a more interesting phenomenon, perhaps these people found that the little girl failed, so, rushed over several young girls, I can see, are the same way, how can I continue to stay here!

Nepalese people are indeed very poor, but I have been to many countries for so many years, and I have seen many people with bad fate, even if they are physically disabled, they are not disabled, and everyone should understand that many people exchange labor for remuneration, or do something within their power, and unexpectedly came to Nepal and encountered such a situation!

Other things I saw in Nepal

1, when traveling in Nepal, we originally wanted to experience what the taste of Nepalese food is, we found a fly restaurant in the street at noon, and everyone ordered a curry chicken rice, looking at the people next to eat are hand pilaf, and suddenly felt no appetite, but the hungry is really, can only bear the appetite. Swallow it one bite at a time! It is worth noting that Nepalese eat with their right hand, because they think that the left hand is not clean. As for what the left hand is for, everyone who knows knows!

2, during the travel in Nepal, often see some women on the roadside stalls selling small goods, or selling vegetables, and domestic men outside, women inside the family atmosphere is different, Nepal is not like this, Nepalese women more hard work, home and outside the need to worry about a lot of things, not only to do housework, laundry and cooking, but also to play the role of making money, in order to supplement the family, These women can only come out in public, earn extremely low salaries, and even work at the construction site to move bricks and goods!

And what are the Nepalese men doing? Either engaged in animal husbandry, tourism, odd jobs, or at home farming or to attract tourists, in short, there is no fixed source of income, industrial underdeveloped, low education level, can only earn how much to spend!

3, Nepalese children childhood is not very happy, although Nepal is the implementation of 12 years of compulsory education, but many parents will let their children down early to make money, will not let them continue to study, poor Nepalese mountain people, there is no way to change their fate, can only rely on more children to change the probability of life, as everyone knows, lack of education, no culture, If you want to change your fate, it is very difficult to rely on the number of cumulative things! There is no way, the children can only drop out of school early to do something within their power to earn money for their families! Or to shine shoes, or to pull a cart, or to beg!

4, when shopping on the street in Nepal, we were shocked by a phenomenon, originally we three girls together to walk hand in hand is no problem, but actually saw two Nepalese men are also hand in hand, later friends told us: Nepalese people believe that in public places between the opposite sex is to keep a certain distance, but there is no saying that the same sex needs to keep a distance, and boys and boys hand in hand is only a way to express friendship, don’t think too much!

5, Nepal often power outages, even in the hotel we live in the situation of power outage, there is no way, Nepal mainly rely on hydroelectric power generation, hydroelectric power station construction is insufficient, so the power generation is very low, some places a power outage is several days, home students even need to light candles!

6, the Newari community in Nepal has a special custom for women, that is, local women must marry at least twice in their lives!

Monk fruit represents immortality, indestructible, giving people power, even if the little girl’s life is not complete in the future, there will be a monk fruit to accompany, not to be abandoned by society!

The second marriage is held before a Nepalese girl’s first period, when the girl is symbolically married to the sun