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Friends who are confused about whether to buy a sweeper or a floor washer, please read this article to help you solve this “problem of the century”!

First of all, the functions of these two products are different. You can choose and buy according to your own needs. I will briefly summarize the differences between floor washing machines and sweeping machines. I believe you will have an idea after reading them.


It cleans automatically throughout the entire process. It can also get into difficult-to-clean corners such as under beds and sofas and easily clean them without our manual help. It completely frees your hands and can easily clean even large households. It is also highly intelligent and supports remote control, saving time and effort.

Floor washing machine:

Semi-automatic cleaning requires manual operation throughout the entire process, and the body of most floor washing machines is relatively heavy. You also need to bend down during the cleaning process. It will be very tiring after cleaning the entire house, so it is not suitable for large apartments. However, the floor washing machine is still very good at cleaning. It can clean stubborn stains such as kitchen oil stains very cleanly.

Comprehensive comparison shows that both types of products have their own advantages, but the sweeping machine is more in line with the cleaning needs of modern young people. You don’t need to do it yourself in the whole process. You only need to move your mouth or fingers to control the sweeping robot to clean the whole process. House floor hygiene, daily cleaning and intelligent interactive experience can all be satisfied.

However, it is not that easy to buy a sweeping robot that is strong in all aspects and can truly free your hands. Competition among major sweeping machine brands has been fierce in recent years. They are vying to launch high-end flagship models, and they all want to compete with each other to see who is more powerful. powerful.

It just so happened that I recently learned that Ecovacs has released a new product. Friends who are familiar with smart home appliances know that Ecovacs is the first company in the world to develop intelligent sweeping robots. Its technical strength in cleaning, obstacle avoidance, intelligent interaction and other related technologies is recognized to be very strong. This time The new product X2 has attracted a lot of attention since it came out. As a smart home appliance enthusiast, naturally I can’t miss it. I quickly bought one at my own expense for everyone to test and see if it is worth buying?

Ecovacs X2 adopts a new square design. The ultra-thin and ultra-narrow body greatly improves the cleaning effect in corners and dead corners. Coupled with the 7500pa hurricane suction power, it can easily take away the dust in the gaps on the ground, and the cleaning performance has been improved to a big level. In addition, in carpet mode, the mop can be raised up to 15mm, and it has the ability to clear obstacles up to 22mm, which is directly ahead of similar products. There is also the industry’s first semi-solid laser radar and AIVI™ 2.0 dynamic obstacle avoidance. The widest viewing angle can reach 210°, and it can flexibly overcome various obstacles in the home. The truly intelligent and thinking sweeper allows us to truly free our hands.

Therefore, friends who want to buy a sweeping robot in the near future can include the Ecovacs X2 in their list. As a high-end sweeping machine priced at around 5k, it is indeed worth buying in terms of cleaning and other practical functions!

The following is a detailed review

1. Appearance

The newly upgraded Ecovacs X2 has a big change in appearance. The body has changed from a circle to a square. This model design is more convenient for cleaning corners and dead corners at home. Lidar It is also embedded, making the entire body look more simple and beautiful.

The official thickness of its body is only 95mm and the width is 320mm. In practice, it can flexibly shuttle between the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed, stools and other relatively low areas at home, so you don’t have to worry about dust accumulation under the bed because it is difficult to clean. .

The cleaning gadgets installed at the bottom of the fuselage are also quite comprehensive. A single-sided brush is used on the upper left side, which can effectively collect ground garbage; the length of its roller brush has also been extended to 200mm, which provides a higher coverage rate during a single cleaning; plus snow Neal double mop can improve cleaning efficiency a lot.

2. Cleaning ability

1. Floor cleaning

Compared with previous Ecovacs models, this X2 has a hurricane suction power of 7500pa, and its air duct system has also been newly upgraded, so it has a stronger ability to clean ground garbage.

During the test, I specially sprinkled a lot of powder on the ground that was difficult to clean. Unexpectedly, Ecovacs X2 just walked over to the place where the powder was and cleaned it up. There was no residue on the ground, and it took advantage of the single-sided brush to close up. , without blowing the powder away.

It can also clean the garbage in the corners very well. Because its body itself adopts a square design, it has a great advantage in cleaning the corners and dead corners. It can almost reach the edge at zero distance and clean it completely. The corners at the back are very clean, and you don’t need to manually clean it twice, which is very worry-free.

As I said before, Ecovacs X2 uses double mops, and the mopping method is to imitate human hands to press wet mops. The mop can reach 135 rpm during cleaning. According to actual measurements, the effect of cleaning stubborn stains is really good, compared with the surrounding areas. The unswept areas provide a stark contrast.

In addition, the mop has the advantage of being washed with hot water at the golden temperature of 55°C. After washing, the mop is still warm. Even if I spilled soy sauce on the floor that is difficult to clean, it can be mopped clean at once. The floor after mopping is not only very clean, but also clean. Odor.

2. Carpet cleaning

I have tested several other brands of sweepers before. When cleaning carpets, they can only lift the mop 7-9mm. However, many people now have carpets with very long hair. Even if the mop is lifted, It will still get wet and stain the carpet.

Ecovacs X2 also takes this factor into consideration, so its mop can be raised by a full 15mm when it is put on the carpet, which can prevent the mop from getting wet on the carpet. After being put on the carpet, it can also suck away the dust and hair on the carpet. , the ability to clean carpets is very good.

In terms of cleaning, whether it is the floor, dead corners or carpets, it can be cleaned quickly, with almost no residue, and there is no need to manually clean it twice. For most sweeping robots, the cleaning ability of Ecovacs X2 is still very strong. Friends who don’t want to do their own hygiene can consider buying an Ecovacs X2.

3. Obstacle avoidance ability

Ecovacs X2 uses an embedded semi-solid laser radar with a super large field of view of 210°. It is also equipped with an RGCD sensor and a machine learning algorithm. This whole set can simulate human thinking and is particularly smart. When it encounters low areas such as sofas and beds, it will judge whether it can go underneath and clean based on its past historical data and vision.

Not only that, Ecovacs X2 also uses Horizon Rising Sun® 3 chip + AIVI™ 2.0 dynamic obstacle avoidance, which can identify a variety of obstacles. After testing, I found that the performance of Ecovacs X2 is indeed very good when encountering some obstacles. Surprisingly, there was no rush at all, and when I threw a box directly in front of it during cleaning, it could quickly detect and avoid it, and the response was very sensitive.

4. Intelligent control

1. Voice control

Most of Ecovacs’ sweeping robots have voice control functions. Just shout “OK YIKO” and it can clean according to the corresponding instructions.

Ecovacs X2 has also made a new upgrade in voice control. It not only supports sound source positioning, but also supports natural language input. It can recognize some dialects, which is very friendly to some elders whose Mandarin is not standard. And the voice control response is quite sensitive. It responded quickly when I called it and went to clean it immediately after receiving the command.

2.APP remote control

In addition to voice control, you can also use the APP to control it. You can directly set its cleaning mode, cleaning route, etc. on the APP. It is very suitable for friends who don’t want to move a step. You can lie down at home on weekends and move your fingers to clean it. The floors are cleaned.

Friends who usually don’t have time or energy to clean can take a look at the Ecovacs X2. With such an intelligent sweeping robot, we no longer have to worry about cleaning the floor in the future. We can also have it remotely control the cleaning while we are at work. You will immediately have a clean and tidy home when you return home. There is no happier moment for a working worker than this~

5. Ten-in-one all-purpose base station

The base station of Ecovacs Water, automatic addition of cleaning fluid, this is a versatile function.

I won’t show you one by one here, but just pick a few more important and commonly used functions to test.

1. Automatic dust collection

After cleaning the floor, Ecovacs Very friendly for people with sensitive noses and throats.

2. Automatic backwash mop

Although many sweeping robots now have the function of automatically backwashing the mop, some stubborn oil stains are still not clean enough, and they have to be cleaned manually twice at home, which is very troublesome.

However, after testing the Ecovacs X2, I found that it has a very good effect on automatically backwashing the mop, and it is cleaner than what I wash by hand. A large part of the reason for this is because it uses a mop washed at the golden hot water temperature of 55°C, which can more efficiently clean the oil stains on the mop. In addition, there are slow-release silver ions in the clean water tank, so it can be washed cleanly. It can also sterilize and disinfect at the same time, the effect is really strong!

3. Automatic drying

After washing, we don’t need to manually take out the mop to dry. It has an automatic drying function and uses hot air drying. After drying for 2 hours, the mop will be dry and smell-free. Moreover, the cleaning tank and base station base can also be dried after hot air drying is turned on, so there is no need to worry about bacterial growth.

4. Base station self-cleaning

It is said that an excellent sweeper does not require us to operate it manually. The Ecovacs X2 does this very well. After helping us clean the entire floor of the house, it can also “wash” itself. Just turn on self-cleaning with one click and you’re done. The before-and-after comparison doesn’t require us to clean it up at all.

6. Summary of must-see highlights

After actual testing, the cleaning ability, obstacle avoidance ability, intelligent interaction and all-round base station of Ecovacs X2 all performed very well, especially its cleaning ability and dynamic obstacle avoidance ability, which I am personally most satisfied with.

Whether it is stains on the ground or dust in dead corners, Ecovacs Ability to avoid and plan new cleaning routes with great sensitivity. Intelligent interaction and all-round base stations greatly increase the ease of use of Ecovacs X2. You don’t need to operate it manually during the entire process. It can be said to be a smart black technology that truly frees your hands!

As a high-end model priced at 5,000 yuan, the various configurations and actual experience of the Ecovacs X2 far exceed this price. Those who want to buy a sweeping robot in the near future can safely choose the Ecovacs X2↓