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If you want to consider the cost-effective configuration, you can take a look at Beitong’s Asura 2pro+, which is mainly high-quality and low-priced.

Usually when I play a game on PC, I still use a controller a lot. As for the domestic controllers, I believe many people know that Beitong has more product lines and the prices are relatively more affordable. I saw Beitong before. The Tong Asura 2Pro + Psychedelic Nebula color scheme makes it look so good. A tough guy like me must have it, so I couldn’t resist the temptation and bought it.

In the Beitong game controller product line, Asura 2pro+ can be said to be a real blockbuster. Not only is it boldly innovative in appearance design, but it is also a leader among handles in terms of performance and functionality.

With the support of Hall trigger + magnetic response Hall rocker, and the price of just over 300, it can be regarded as the top handle in this series.

The 2pro+ series is also Beitong’s self-developed 3.0+ magnetic induction Hall rocker, which feels very silky. I have used traditional joysticks before, and there is still a certain amount of friction and resistance, so the control feels not smooth enough. I am a person who is prone to being impatient when playing games, and I can’t help but spit out fragrance.

The magnetic induction rocker also reduces the friction of the mechanical structure, making it smoother during operation.

Moreover, the Hall rocker’s smooth anti-shake ability and control accuracy are much better than ordinary rockers.

If the joystick has poor anti-shake ability, it will lead to inaccurate game control instructions and affect the game experience. The 2pro+ joystick can better anti-shake, allowing us to control the character or operating elements more accurately in the game.

The Hall joystick can also provide more accurate position feedback, so we can more accurately control the character movement, aiming and other operations in the game during game play.

The advantage of the Hall rocker is that it uses magnetic induction technology instead of physical contact, so the rocker has a longer service life. Since there is no physical contact, there will be no friction and wear on the rocker, thus avoiding drift problems, making it more durable and less likely to be damaged.

The handle of the ordinary joystick I bought before did not last for a month before the joystick began to drift. If the game character wants to walk in a straight line, it will make a few turns for you from time to time, which is really annoying.

The joystick has been tuned by Beitong to have almost zero dead zone, so even if the joystick is manually manipulated to the center position, it can respond quickly.

0 dead zone also means that the joystick can produce corresponding input responses even with very small movements. Especially in FPS games, we need to quickly and accurately turn the perspective to aim at the enemy or shoot. Cancel the joystick dead zone, Adjust the dead zone threshold to 0. This setting is also to avoid the slight floating or interference of the handle from causing jitter or instability in the viewing angle, thereby affecting the gaming experience.

In addition, the return rate of this controller has reached 254Hz in balanced mode. The high-return joystick can quickly and accurately convert the player’s input into game actions. When aiming or shooting in fast-paced battles, The joystick responds instantly and delivers the accuracy you need.

In addition, the 0.1mm precision Hall trigger feel can detect the tiny movements of the finger triggering the trigger in real time and convert them into precise operations in the game. Compared with the traditional trigger feel, the 0.1mm precision Hall trigger feel can provide faster operation instructions in the game and provide sharper game feedback.

The controller has built-in BMC motion sensing technology exclusively developed by Beitong, which can accurately capture every operation and give us real-time feedback for the most realistic gaming experience. Whether it is a shooting game or a racing game, it can provide the ultimate in precise control.

In fact, I originally bought it because of the Beitong brand. After playing with it for a few days, I feel that the performance of Beitong Asura 2Pro+ is really good. The mechanical buttons are crisp and responsive, and it can automatically recognize multiple connection methods and devices. , in addition to PC, it can also be used on TV or switch, and the connection is particularly stable. This controller has almost no noticeable delay in the game, no lag in operation, crisp button presses, and supports various custom macros. There are many tutorials and resources about it on the Internet, and it is indeed very playable.

In addition, they also have more than 200 controllers, which are tens of dollars cheaper than 2pro+. They are from the same series and have good price/performance ratio. They just lack the Hall rocker than 2pro+ and use the Alpine rocker commonly used in mid-to-high-end controllers on the market. rocker.

Although it is a controller worth more than 200 yuan, its value is far beyond what it should be at this price. It has ABXY buttons on the front, original imported e-sports grade ALPS joystick, and cross e-sports direction keys. Start, Back, Shift, and Turbo multifunctional combination buttons surround the Beitong trademark in the middle, and there is a power switch with LED indicators around it.

On this basis, M1/M2 dual back keys are added, and with the official custom driver “Beitong Game Hall” app, one-click ultimate moves and one-click combos can be set through macro programming to achieve multiple combinations. operate. Beitong Game Center also supports one-click import of macros set by others. When playing action games like Monster Hunter, you can use the macro function. Even if you encounter cumbersome operations, you don’t have to worry. The trigger button on the top adopts an e-sports grade Electromagnetic induction Hall trigger. The principle of electromagnetic induction is used to realize the trigger function, and the pressing accuracy can reach 0.1mm. While improving the control feel, the touch experience is more accurate than the traditional physical connecting rod trigger. The actual control feels very sensitive, and the entire pressing process is very smooth, and the experience is quite good.

There is also a USB slot in the lower part of the middle, which is convenient for storing USB receivers. In addition, the left and right grips are equipped with asymmetrical dual vibration motors, with multiple vibration sensations and multiple levels of vibration intensity, which can better present the priority of gaming vibrations, giving users Bringing a more immersive gaming experience.

The Beitong BMC somatosensory function is the icing on the cake. After simple debugging in Beitong’s official supporting software, most games can be controlled through the motion controller. Whether you are playing “Splatoon 2”, which requires fast-paced rotation of the perspective, or “Monster Hunter”, which requires frequent twisting of the right joystick to accurately adjust the points, you can get a better gaming experience with the support of the somatosensory function.

In addition to PC, Android mobile terminals and Android TV boxes, it can also be connected and used on the NS platform. For those who like to play games with a controller and have high requirements for controller design, I think Beitong Asura 2Pro Multi-Model , is obviously a cheap, easy-to-use and very controllable handle. It can be used across multiple platforms, has a wide space for customization, and feels as smooth as silk. It is indeed worth buying.

If you use one word to describe Beitong Asura 2Pro, it must be – high-performance and cost-effective e-sports controller. It adds a combination of Hall triggers and back keys based on the mature framework of the Beitong Asura 2 generation. Multiple templates enable this series to be used on multiple platforms such as PC, Android, TV boxes, and NS. Perfectly compatible with most game controller needs.