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If you have fragile and sensitive ears like me, wearing in-ear headphones for just a few hours will cause pain! But if you want to seek peace and quiet in this irritable world, then today’s article on noise-canceling headphones is just right for you.

Among the three headphones today, the Baseus H1i sells for less than RMB 200, but its battery life, sound quality, latency, and noise reduction are all the same. Compared with headphones priced around RMB 500, it can’t find any shortcomings! Moreover, there are very few headphone brands that can achieve Hi-Res wired + wireless dual sound quality certification at the same time. Baseus has worked hard to maximize the price/performance ratio this time. So whether you are a student, an office worker, or even used to play games, Baseus H1i is suitable for you.

1. Tips for avoiding pitfalls in head-mounted Bluetooth headsets

Pay attention to the following 6 factors to ensure you don’t get lost when buying blindly!

①Depth of noise reduction

Noise reduction depth = dB The larger the value, the stronger the noise reduction capability.

The current mainstream active noise reduction headphones are generally around 25dB, which is considered a passing level. But if you want to pursue better noise reduction effect, it is recommended to choose noise reduction headphones with more than 30dB.

②Sound quality & encoding method

To put it simply, the dynamic unit mainly relies on the vibration of the diaphragm to produce sound. Generally speaking, it is a reduced version of the speaker. Generally speaking, the larger the size, the better the sound quality;

The voice coil of the moving iron unit is wound around a “balanced armature” iron piece in the middle of a magnetic field. The diaphragm is driven by magnetic force to produce sound. The sound quality is better than that of the moving coil unit.

However, the dynamic coil is not completely inferior to the moving iron. The performance of the dynamic coil in the low frequency part will be more natural.

There are currently four mainstream encoding methods: SBC, AAC, aptX, and LDAC. Based on LDAC, there is also an upgraded version of LHDC. The order of these encoding methods in order of sound quality is roughly: LHDC>LDAC>aptX>AAC>SBC.

③Battery life

Headphones without noise reduction mode must have at least 20 hours of battery life to be considered qualified. Considering that the battery life will be shortened again after turning on noise reduction, it is also recommended that you choose a model with long battery life, preferably more than 30 hours. .

④Wearing experience

The wearing experience is mainly related to two points: first, whether the head will get stuck or unstable when worn, and second, whether the ear pads are comfortable when worn, and whether the ear bags will press on the ears.

These two points are closely related to the material of the head pads, ear pads, and ear bags. Before choosing, you can read the comments section or similar comments from buyers to feel more confident!

Without further ado, let’s jump right into today’s overall story. Based on the above points, I would like to recommend 3 head-mounted Bluetooth headsets that I think are pretty good. Take notes:

2. Recommendation of cost-effective head-mounted Bluetooth headsets

1. Baseus H1i double gold label

Noise reduction depth: 38dB
Battery life: 100H
Bluetooth version: 5.3
Latency: 38ms
Sound quality/audio decoding: 40mm dynamic coil/LHDC

Recommendation index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Reason for recommendation: Baseus’ new head-mounted Bluetooth headset has significantly improved all aspects of configuration compared to the previous generation H1, but the price is only 100+, and the 38dB noise reduction depth is directly comparable to thousand-yuan headphones. After the audio encoding technology upgrade, it also has two adjustable music/movie modes and a battery life of up to 100 hours. There are almost no faults in every aspect.

The overall texture and workmanship of the new appearance are still at a very good level: the head bow part is made of stainless steel, which is more durable, and the outside is covered with a layer of soft sponge material. The earcups and earmuffs are also quite soft, and they are very resilient when pressed by your fingertips. Well, wearing it for a long time will not hurt your ears! Moreover, the number of buttons and openings in the body is relatively small, and the headset as a whole has been upgraded to a new level (the fewer openings in the body actually test the internal design and operating experience of the headset)!

Let’s talk about sound quality first:

I had an old version of H1 on hand. When I used it for myself two years ago, I felt that its sound quality was very good, and it was comparable to higher-priced headphones. But after listening to it, this H1i exceeded my expectations. Not only does it have the double gold label certification of Hi-Res, but the audio encoding technology is directly upgraded to the latest LHDC. This is also my first time using a head-mounted Bluetooth at this price. I have seen this technology used on headphones, and the configurations of headphones worth thousands of dollars are comparable to those on hand. It’s a real success!

Equipped with a 40mm bio-diaphragm unit, the sound reproduction is very high, and the three-frequency switching between low, middle and high is very natural. The low-frequency part of the human voice is deep enough without feeling boring, and the sounds of musical instruments with obvious rhythms such as drum beats can also be well distinguished from the human voice; listen to the climax of the chorus of various pop songs, such as Huang Ma’s various The treble will not feel harsh to the ears, and the performance is clear and shocking. Although it cannot have the feeling of an online concert, the overall listening experience is not fundamentally different from that of a CD.

Coupled with the new technology developed by Baseus – BISA spatial sound effect, the music/theater mode can be freely switched, and you can experience a live music scene like a concert at home.

When listening to music, you can switch modes by clicking on the software. When listening to some rock and rap songs in music mode, it is like standing in a VIP seat at a livehouse. The immersion should not be too overwhelming~

Wearing it in cinema mode can also give you a deeper sense of immersion when watching movies and TV series, just like the feeling of being alone in a movie theater. Surround sound comes from all directions, and various special effects blockbusters are “dazzling” on weekends. Even in the movie, when a pebble falls on the lake, you can “listen to the sound and identify the location”. The 3D movie experience is full!
animated cover

In addition, Baseus has also maintained a consistent level of excellence in call noise reduction. With the help of ENC call noise reduction technology, it strengthens the pickup of human voices during calls and weakens environmental noise. It will be clearer when making calls. With the addition of noise reduction mode, the performance is even better, and it can be used when talking to customers and leaders outside. When you are on the phone, you don’t have to worry about people around you disturbing the call content. The wind noise resistance is also very good. Answering the phone while riding a tram will not affect the call quality, and there will be no “whooshing” wind sound!
I have to say that Baseus has done a good job in the details.

Let’s talk about noise reduction:

Although we mentioned at the beginning that noise reduction above 30dB is considered excellent, the Baseus H1i still reaches a new level in terms of noise reduction. Active noise reduction + passive noise reduction reached a noise reduction level of 38dB. Compared with me The most expensive earphones from a certain brand in the thousand-yuan range are not bad at all. Once the noise reduction mode is turned on, it is at the level of “one-button silence”. The price is several times cheaper. The depth of noise reduction corresponding to this price is just a profit. !

Wearing it on my daily commute to and from work, I found that it can eliminate the low-frequency sound of the subway very well. When I put it on, I felt like I was transported directly to a “no man’s land” by Doctor Strange. Even if I played some music while squeezing in the subway, it would be a bit boring. Not so annoyed anymore, the social animal silently gave a thumbs up;

Wearing it in a relatively noisy outdoor environment, after turning on the noise reduction mode, you can clearly detect the medium and low-frequency noise of the surrounding environment – the running sound of the car engine and the relatively low and noisy crowd noise are reduced by 70 to 80%, and you can wear it on the commute. There is no danger, and most of the noise can be covered;

Going to relatively quiet scenes such as offices and coffee shops can also block out the surrounding medium and high-frequency human voices and keyboard typing sounds, allowing you to better devote yourself to your work. It usually takes two hours to complete the PPT materials, and you can calm down. It can be done in an hour!


Thanks to the latest version of the 5.3 Bluetooth chip and technological advancements, the performance in terms of battery life and latency has been improved.

Because many big-name headphones were released earlier, the Bluetooth chips they are equipped with may not be version 5.3. In fact, they are weaker in these two aspects.

Let’s talk about the battery life that I personally care about. Without noise reduction, the total battery life can reach 100 hours. While other brands are still charging dozens and dozens of hours, the Baseus H1i directly broke three digits, even if I wear it every day. Six or seven hours, it can be used for half a month without charging… People who are worried about battery must check it out!

After turning on noise reduction, the battery life can reach an excellent level of 70 hours, which is even longer than some headphones in the same price range without noise reduction.

Moreover, like the previous generation H1, it is equipped with flash charging technology. Charging for 5 to 10 minutes can provide 2 to 3 hours of battery life for calls and listening to music. Don’t panic if you find that you are out of battery when you go out~

In low-latency mode, the delay is only 38ms. According to actual tests, no matter whether you are listening to music, playing games, watching dramas, or editing audio and video, there will be no problem of out-of-synchronization of audio and video, especially for gamers, like me and my friends cheating. When playing chicken, thanks to the blessing of low latency + spatial sound effects, the sound positioning effect becomes very clear. The footsteps and door openings on the opposite side can be clearly distinguished. It is a proper physical plug-in! !

Comes with audio adapter cable, which can be easily connected to the computer. After downloading the mobile APP, you can realize quick switches, noise reduction mode adjustment, EQ sound effect adjustment (switching the corresponding sound effects according to the different genres of the songs you listen to, this function is great~) and other very practical functions. You can wait until you get started. Explore!


Overall, this Baseus H1i has greatly exceeded my expectations for it. The experience in all aspects is perfect at the same price. The after-sales service and preferential prices during the main event are really great! So whether you are a student party member, a migrant worker, or someone who has difficulty choosing headphones and doesn’t know what headphones to buy, you can enter with your eyes closed!

2. Edifier W820NB Classic

Noise reduction depth: 42dB
Battery life: 50H
Bluetooth version: 5.2
Latency: 80ms
Sound quality/audio decoding: 40mm dynamic coil/SBC/AAC

Recommendation index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Reason for recommendation: Produced by an old audio manufacturer, it mainly highlights noise reduction. Unfortunately, it is the most expensive among these models. From the perspective of comprehensive configuration, it needs to be improved.

Although the weight is relatively light, the plastic headband connecting rod looks very textureless, and it has an obvious clamping feeling when worn on the head. If a girl wears it, her hair will get stuck at the headphone connection.

Let’s talk about noise reduction first:

The W820NB active noise reduction + passive noise reduction can achieve a noise reduction depth of 42dB after superposition. From a numerical point of view, it is stronger than the Baseus H1i, but according to my own test results, the difference between the two sides should not be too big. This is a mosquito leg. I can’t quite hear the difference.

The elimination effect of indoor and outdoor low, medium and high frequency noise is similar to that of Baseus H1i. It can basically block 70% to 80% of the noise from the outside world. It is very good whether you are commuting to work, taking the subway or wearing it in the office to concentrate on working. Unfortunately…the defects in the material naturally exist, which makes it uncomfortable to wear for a long time, and the utilization rate plummets.

Let’s talk about sound quality:

It is also a 40mm size bio-diaphragm sound unit. After connecting the Type-C data cable and switching to wired mode, it can achieve the Japanese Hi-Res Gold Label certified sound quality.

The difference in sound quality between dynamic units of this size is not very big. It mainly depends on the manufacturer’s calibration level, and there are also subjective factors. In my opinion, its sound quality performance mainly has two small problems: first, it lacks the bonus of spatial sound effects, and the surround sound is not very present; second, it processes low-frequency vocals too heavily, making it sound a bit dull. It’s stuffy, as if a layer of plastic wrap has been put on the dynamic speaker, and it feels a bit over-adjusted.

But fortunately, its mid- and high-frequency parts are very clear, the radiation surface of the sound is also quite broad, and the layering is relatively clear. It is very good for listening to some pop music, electronic music style or pure instrumental performance!

Other details, such as battery life, latency, etc., are quite satisfactory. The main reason is that the 5.2 Bluetooth chip is a slight hindrance. The other two models have been upgraded to 5.3, with stronger connection stability and lower power consumption. .

Maybe it was released relatively early and the 5.3 version wasn’t very popular yet.

In terms of battery life, it is only half the level of the previous model. Without turning on the noise reduction mode, the total battery life is only 50H. After turning on the noise reduction, it plummets to 30H. It is definitely enough for daily moderate use, but it is not equipped with a fast charging mode, which is low. Electric Star people, please take a detour.

I have to complain a little bit about the delay. 80ms is really a bit exaggerated. Especially when playing a game that requires a high level of instant feedback like Chicken Fight, sometimes there will be problems with the sound and picture being out of sync. Even small mistakes in the finals can cause problems. It may result in not being able to eat chicken! ! So if you like to play this type of game, you should consider the other two~


Generally speaking, Edifier, a long-established audio manufacturer, has some strength, but this model was released relatively early, so it doesn’t have much of an advantage compared to latecomers. Friends who simply pursue ultimate noise reduction can join in!

3.IKF king S advanced version

Price: 219
Noise reduction depth: 38dB
Battery life: 80H
Bluetooth version:5.3
Latency: 38ms
Sound quality/audio decoding: 40mm dynamic coil/AAC/SBC

Recommendation index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Reason for recommendation: I personally think the overall level of this S advanced version of IKF is really good. If Baseus H1i was not the first choice, I would definitely recommend it.

But… there are no ifs~ I can only say that the headphone industry is getting more and more complicated. This is the predecessor of H1i. With the advancement of technology, the latter has slapped the former on the beach, in tears!

But in terms of appearance, I still like the IKF King S very much. It can not only be folded and stored, but the headband is also made thicker. It does not feel as obvious as the Edifier when worn, and the color is also more beautiful. It’s rich, and there’s a more girly pink color to choose from~ There’s also a large English LOGO on the headband, it mainly depends on whether you like it or not.

Let’s talk about noise reduction first:

It has the same 38dB noise reduction depth as the first Baseus, but there is still a gap in measured performance. After turning on noise reduction, it can better shield low-frequency noises such as the roar of cars and subways in outdoor environments, but it is not very good at eliminating common mid- and high-frequency noises such as human voices and keyboard sounds indoors. Among the three models, I feel the difference in noise reduction performance.

Let’s talk about sound quality:

The 40mm Hi-Fi class large dynamic speaker unit has basically the same configuration as the previous two models, so the three-band reproduction is acceptable. You won’t feel harsh when listening to the treble, and the bass part is also very clear and not dull.

However, like the Edifier W820NB, it is not equipped with spatial sound effect technology similar to Baseus H1i. It can still be used for listening to music, but the immersion when watching movies is not that great. I always feel that the sound is dry and does not highlight the movie characters. After dubbing The bonus feeling made me skip the phone at critical moments because of the sound quality!

In addition, there is a small problem. There will be a slight current noise after wearing it, which will be very obvious when the surroundings are quiet. I hope it can be improved in the next generation? !


As for details such as delay and battery life, this model is also remarkable. First, after turning on the game mode, the delay can be as low as 38ms, which is at the same level as Baseus H1i. It can achieve better audio and video synchronization. Whether it is playing games or using an audio cable to connect to a computer to cut videos, the performance is very good, and timely feedback is provided. Very sensitive!

Eighty hours of battery life is not bad, and it also lasts for 70 hours after turning on noise reduction. There is definitely no need to worry about battery power in daily use. Therefore, the 5.2 Bluetooth version of Edifier W820NB is slightly worse than the 5.3 version, and the gap can be clearly seen from here!

It also supports functions such as one-machine dual connection and APP operation. Functions such as EQ adjustment can also be customized on the APP.


Overall, it is an entry-level Bluetooth headset with excellent overall configuration and good value for money. However, because the headband is relatively thick, it may be a bit heavy to wear, but fortunately, the styling design is still very eye-catching!

Finally, let’s make a summary of the full text:

It can only be said that the three earphones target slightly different audiences, and each has its own advantages. You can buy any one.

For example, the Edifier’s noise reduction level is very good, but its sound quality and delay are relatively average, making it suitable for workers who pursue noise reduction. The IKF King S advanced version has a very good-looking appearance, but its sound quality, noise reduction, and battery life are average. , suitable for students who pursue good looks (girls should like the pink model very much);

But the one with the best overall performance is definitely the new H1i from Baseus. The configuration of the king of volume, whether it is noise reduction, sound quality or battery life, is the ceiling level of headsets currently priced at 200 yuan. It can be listened to at this price. Can you believe the sound quality of LHDC decoding? ?