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The effect and function of tea

Now more and more people pay attention to the health effects of tea, and many people have joined the army of tea health.

But drinking tea health is not an overnight thing, which requires years of “persistence” to have an effect.

Tea is one of our culture, but also since ancient times, people’s favorite drink, and the development of the present, more and more types of tea, tea people are also more and more. However, people’s understanding of tea is relatively limited, we all know that there are many kinds of tea, and each tea has different effects and effects. Now, let’s take a detailed look at the types and effects of tea.

1, Tieguanyin: in addition to the general health function of tea, it also has anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-arteriosclerosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes, weight loss and fitness, fire, smoke and sober.

2. Pu ‘er tea: At the same time, it has the effects of clearing heat, relieving summer heat, detoxifying, eating, removing fat and greasy, benefiting water, relieving constipation, expelling phlegm, dispelling wind and relieving surface, relieving cough and producing fluid, benefiting strength, prolonging life and so on. And because Pu ‘er tea has experienced the transformation process from raw tea to cooked tea, its raw tea has the effect of dispelling wind, relieving surface, clearing head and so on, while cooked tea has the effect of lowering qi, removing water and defecating.

3, Wuyi rock tea: contains a variety of chemical elements and caffeine, tea polyphenols, lipopolysaccharide and so on. Its pharmacological properties are particularly remarkable. Not only can wake up the heart, clear the eyes, healthy god, anxiety, thirst, sterilization, descaling, diuretics, heat, sober up, etc., but also reduce blood pressure, weight loss, anti-radiation, anti-cancer, delay aging and other prolonging effects.


4, Longjing tea: can purify blood vessels, prevent stroke and heart disease.

5, Biluochun: belongs to green tea with anti-aging, antibacterial, anti-cancer and lipids, weight loss, anti-caries, clear bad breath, anti-cancer, whitening and anti-UV.

6, Huangshan Maofeng: full blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, increase capillaries single line, enhance blood anticoagulation have certain benefits: colleagues, Huangshan Maofeng on cancer prevention, cancer can also play a certain role.

7. Lushan Yunwu Tea: It has six functions, namely lipid lowering, weight loss, blood pressure lowering, anti-arteriosclerosis; Inhibit the production of tumor cells; Nourishing and protecting stomach; Teeth protection; Anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, dysentery; Anti-aging and things like that.

8, Lu ‘an melon tablets: conducive to the prevention and suppression of cancer; Conducive to the health care treatment of cardiovascular diseases; Helps to lose weight and clear intestinal fat; It is conducive to clearing heat and removing dryness, detoxification and beautifying.

9, Junshan Yinneedle: with general tea some health care effects: excitement and fatigue, benefit less sleep, digestion and expectorant, detoxification and thirst, diuretic eyesight, increase nutrition. There are also bactericidal, antioxidant, anti-aging, cancer prevention effects.

10, Xinyang Maojian: not only the content of nutrients is high, but also not clear the heart and clear the eyes, heat dissipation thirst, to trouble refreshing, help digestion, spleen.

11, Taiping monkey Kui: anti-radiation, lower blood pressure, anti-caries, clear bad breath.

12, Qimen black tea: can help gastrointestinal digestion, promote appetite, diuretic, eliminate edema, and strong myocardial function.

13. Chrysanthemum tea: reduces fire and diuresis.

14, rose tea: beautify the skin, soothe nerves. Rose: moisturizing and nourishing, skin care and beauty, promoting blood circulation, protecting liver, eliminating fatigue and promoting blood circulation. It can treat chronic gastritis and hepatitis. Suitable for women and children.

15, Guiguixiang: nourishing Yin and tonifying kidney, adjusting function, regulating endocrine, protecting liver and stomach, detoxifying and beautifying.

16, lavender tea: to scar beauty, soothe nerves, suitable for women, children to drink.

17, Bell code: weight loss, fitness, suitable for women, children drink.

18, Camon milo: prevention of colds, suitable for women, children drink.

19, Roselle tea: lower blood pressure.

20, Shabo: taste heavy, adjust the digestive system, sober up the brain, suitable for men to drink.

21, Bo Lu Mei Na: the taste is heavy, adjust the digestive system, wake up the brain.

22, Tamu tea: inhibit asthma, suitable for children to drink.

23, Ginger mother tea: to wind sweat, open the spleen and stomach.

24, Cassia tea: bright eyes, clear blood, light taste.

25, Houttuynia tea: diuretic.

26, star fruit tea: annealing, cough, phlegm.

27, raisin tea: strong essence, blood, brain.

28, Wolfberry tea: retreat liver fire, nourishing kidney qi, bright eyes.

29, mung bean tea: annealing, moistening dryness, detoxification, diuretic.

30, black bean tea: kidney poison fire, refreshing, phlegm.tea

Forget-me-not: clearing heat and detoxification, clearing heart and brightening eyes, nourishing Yin and tonifying kidney, nourishing beauty, nourishing blood and blood, and promoting metabolism, delaying cell aging, and improving immune ability. 37, Carnation: Yangrong Yangyan, calming thirst, clear heart and bright eyes, anti-inflammatory and rid of trouble, Shengjin wetting throat, strong kidney and bones.

Jasmine: improve lethargy and anxiety, chronic stomach disease, menstrual disorders are also effective.

Saffron: nourishing blood and blood, promoting fluid and qi, detoxifying and nourishing the skin, regulating qi and strengthening the stomach, especially in the treatment of gynecological diseases.

Violet: Lavender violet, which has the effect of relieving alcoholism, headache, and anxiety, especially for respiratory diseases.

Honeysuckle: clearing heat and cooling blood, detoxifying pain, treating facial sores.

Lavender: has antibacterial function, can prevent cold, cough can relieve pressure, relieve anxiety, drive wind, exhaust gas.

Mint leaves: Have a strengthening, calming effect, aid digestion, suitable for mixing in various herbal teas. Prevents bad breath. Strengthen the stomach to aid digestion, drive away evil wind, cure headache.

Hibiscus flower: moisturizing, skin care and beauty, rich in vitamin C.

Sunflower flowers: cough, phlegm, can cure bronchitis and asthma.

Stag flower: can relieve pain, cough, stop diarrhea, promote blood circulation, prevent hypertension and so on.

Rhododendron: can reduce blood lipids, cholesterol, moisture and beauty.

Adhere to long-term tea – deep detoxification

There has been a tradition of drinking tea to treat abdominal distension, dysentery and incontinence. For example, while inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms in the human stomach, the effective ingredients of black tea can promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria, which has a good role in adjusting the function of the stomach and intestines, and is also a good medicine for folk anti-diarrhea.

Drinking tea can produce fluid to quench thirst, relieve summer heat, detoxify and relieve constipation. Drinking tea can improve the intestinal microbial environment and has the function of regulating the stomach and intestines.


Adhere to long-term tea drinking – can “three health”

Drinking tea for a long time can lower blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar. Epidemiological studies in Japan showed that compared with people who drank less than 3 cups of tea per day (30 ml each), men who drank 10 small cups of tea per day had a 42% lower risk index of cardiovascular disease, and women had an 18% lower risk index.

The substances extracted from tea have the functions of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, anti-radiation, anti-coagulation and thrombosis, enhancing the body’s immune function, anti-oxidation, anti-atherosclerosis, lowering blood pressure and protecting cardiovascular and other functions.

Adhere to long-term tea drinking – can “three resistance”

A 300ml cup of tea is equivalent to 1.5 bottles of red wine (each bottle is about 750ml), equivalent to 12 bottles of white wine, equivalent to 4 apples, equivalent to 5 Onions, equivalent to 7 cups of fresh orange juice.

This is why tea has the benefits of the “three antibodies”, namely anti-cancer, anti-radiation, anti-oxidation. According to research by Professor Nicolas Tang Shan of the Centre for Preventive Medicine in Paris, France, tea drinkers have a 24 per cent lower risk of death compared with non-tea drinkers.

Adhere to long-term tea – can anti-aging

The effect of tea polyphenols is multifactorial, it is a strong antioxidant, can effectively remove oxygen free radicals in the body, such as anthocyanins can inhibit the whole stage of the oil peroxide overflow, this ability to prevent oxidation is more than ten times that of vitamin E, this antioxidant effect can prevent cell degradation, aging, can also prevent the occurrence of cancer.


Insist on drinking tea for a long time – can prolong life

Lifespan is 10% determined by genetics and 90% by lifestyle. In a survey on the longevity of centenarians, it was found that the secret of longevity for 40-year-old people is a lifelong love of tea, and 80% of centenarians have the habit of drinking tea.

Drinking tea can lead to a long life, which has been proven in scientific studies and the oral testimony of centenarians.

Tea itself contains tea polyphenols, caffeine, catechins and other organic compounds as well as a variety of vitamins, can prevent disease, improve immunity, anti-aging.

Insist on drinking tea for a long time – can beautify the face

People who live under the haze for a long time or work in front of the computer for a long time can greatly reduce the harm if they can drink tea for a long time.

The extract of tea can inhibit the role of harmful microorganisms, regulate blood lipids, improve human immune function, resist ultraviolet and other ionizing radiation, and so on.

Adhere to long-term tea – can slim weight

Many women love to drink tea, with the slimming effect of weight loss. Catechins play an anti-obesity role by inhibiting digestive enzymes in the intestine to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and lipids in the intestinal tissues; Tea polyphenols can combat obesity by inhibiting fat deposition in the body and promoting the breakdown of excess fat.

Only if you insist on drinking tea, can you achieve the effect of health, enhance your physique, and protect your health, and remember to insist on drinking tea on the way.

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Exosomes are expected to break through the current barriers of CAR-T cell therapy

CAR-T was successfully prepared by exosomal delivery of mRNA

In 2012, Emily, a six-year-old American girl, experienced two relapses of acute lymphoid leukemia and was in danger of dying. In this case, Emily was transferred to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, received CAR-T treatment, experienced all kinds of tribulations, and finally 23 days later, the doctor found that Emily’s cancer has completely disappeared, and became the first CAR T therapy in history to cure leukemia children.

In recent years, the world has set off a boom in the development of CAR-T therapy, “120 thousand needles”, “anti-cancer god drugs”, “two months of cancer cells zero”, but also let CAR-T therapy was once “deified”, has become a “lifesaving hair” in the eyes of many patients and their families.

The full name of CAR-T Therapy is Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy, also known as chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy, which is the human T cells modified in vitro by genetic engineering means, and then transfused back into patients for the treatment of diseases. CAR-T therapy originated in 1989, when renowned scientists Gross G, Waks T, and Eshhar Z, in a study, chimed a gene sequence expressing a specific antibody into cytotoxic T cells (CTL), which gave T cells the ability to recognize the antigen – 2,4, 6-trinitrobenzene (TNP). This enables T cells to achieve antigen-specific, non-MHC-restricted activation and enhancement of their effects. “Giving T cells a chimeric antigen receptor will be an important way to fight cancer in humans in the future,” the three scientists said in their study.

At present  , the FDA has approved a total of six CAR-T therapies, and two CAR-T products have been listed in China, and a total of eight CAR-T therapies have been approved worldwide!

With the continuous development of CAR-T technology, clinical results show that CAR-T cells have great advantages in the treatment of hematological malignancies. However, with the deepening of research and increasing application, the adverse reactions caused by CAR-T therapy have gradually been recognized and paid attention to.

Currently, most CAR-T therapies are prepared by lentiviral transduction, but safety concerns may arise due to the immunogenicity of lentiviruses and the uncertainty of insertion sites. In addition, CAR T therapy with lentiviral transduction has many obstacles in production and in vivo transformation, such as high cost, limited capacity, and in vivo immunogenicity.

Compared with lentiviral transduction, the use of mRNA to induce CAR expression can allow CAR expression in a short period of time, avoiding the risk caused by prolonged existence in the body. Optimization of CAR mRNA structure can make CAR protein more easily translated and expressed in T cells, and its efficacy is no less than that of CAR-T therapy generated by lentiviral transduction. The current common technique for delivering mRNA to T cells is electroporation, but high-voltage electrical pulses can cause permanent damage to the cells, affecting the expansion and lethality of CAR T cells.

In February 2023, A paper published by Chinese researchers titled “Engineered exosome-mediated messenger RNA and single-chain variable fragment delivery for human chimeric. antigen receptor T-cell engineering article on the use of exosomes to deliver mRNA for the preparation of CAR-T therapy.

Exosomes are secreted from living cells into the extracellular environment and contain a variety of biologically active molecules, which are absorbed by corresponding receptors and mediate intercellular communication. Exosomes are relatively stable in structure and can effectively protect mRNA from degradation. Previous studies have shown that exosomes derived from induced pluripotent stem cells can effectively protect mRNA from degradation even below 4℃. Exosomes have lower immunogenicity, better biocompatibility and can cross the blood-brain barrier. In addition, exosomes can be engineered to enhance their targeting.

The researchers used the phage coat protein MS2 to load specific mRNA into exosomes and demonstrated that the coated mRNA molecule was able to be translated into the protein in the recipient cell. N-terminal fusion with lysosomal associated membrane protein subtype 2B (LAMP-2B) enables the expression of CD3/CD28 single chain variable fragments (ScFv) on extracellular membranes. Finally, the MS2 binding site was inserted into the 3 ‘UTR of the CAR gene to obtain engineered exosomes that could be used directly for T cell activation and CAR T cell preparation.

In the experiment, the researchers confirmed that CD3/CD28 ScFv on exosomes was more easily bound to T cell membranes, and observed that CAR-T constructed using exosome delivery mRNA had good killing efficacy. This may be an alternative strategy to deliver mRNA to T cells more safely and efficiently, and also provide new ideas for the preparation of CAR-T in vivo.

In the article, the author also mentioned the challenges of using exosomes to deliver mRNA to prepare CAR-T therapy, such as the efficiency of loading mRNA into exosomes. It has been reported that the fusion of proteins that can bind specific RNA sequences to exosomes can improve the efficiency of mRNA entering exosomes. In addition, lipid-coated purified mRNA is produced by pre-incubation with cationic lipids, and then incubated with exosomes to produce exosom-liposome hybrids carrying mRNA, which can also effectively improve the efficiency of mRNA entering exosomes.

After nearly 30 years of development, CAR T cell therapy has become a major emerging pillar in the field of tumor treatment, and this transformation may be expected to turn “anti-cancer” into “cancer treatment”, ushering in a new era of fighting cancer.