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PLC instant controller

It is a digital computing operating electronic system specially designed for use in industrial environments. According to data, China’s PLC market will reach 100 billion yuan by 2025. However, in such a large market, my country’s PLC market share is very small. So which PLCs and brands are more famous in my country? Let’s take a look at the top ten domestic PLC brands.

01 Ranking of the top ten domestic PLCs: Delta PLC

Delta Group was founded in 1971. Delta PLC is an electronic device specially designed by Delta Group for the industrial automation field to implement digital computing operations. Delta PLC is known for its high speed, robustness, and high reliability, and is widely used in various industrial automation machinery. In addition to its features such as fast execution of program operations, rich instruction set, multiple expansion function cards, and high cost performance, Delta PLC also supports a variety of communication protocols to integrate industrial automatic control systems into a whole.

02 Ranking of the top ten domestic PLCs: Xinjie PLC

Wuxi Xinjie Electric Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2008, Xinjie Electric is one of the earliest participants in China’s industrial control market and has long been focused on improving the automation level of the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. Products are widely used in various automation fields, including aerospace, solar energy, wind power, nuclear power, tunnel engineering, textile machinery, CNC machine tools, power equipment, coal mine equipment, central air conditioning, environmental protection engineering and other control-related industries and fields. Xinjie Electric’s main business model is to customize personalized automation solutions for users, achieving the common growth of corporate value and customer value.

03 Ranking of the top ten domestic PLCs: Inovance PLC

Inovance PLC belongs to Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co., Ltd. and was founded in 2003. Huichuan Technology focuses on the research and development, production and sales of industrial automation control products. Inovance Technology focuses on the high-function small, medium and micro PLC market. Its Inothink series PLC has excellent design, reliability and durability, rich interfaces, flexible combinations and powerful functions. It supports logic control, temperature control and motion control, and supports RS485. , CAN, EtherCAT and other buses currently enjoy a high reputation in the industry.

04 Ranking of the top ten domestic PLCs: Hollysys PLC

Beijing Hollysys Group
Founded in 1993, it is a high-tech enterprise group engaged in independent design, manufacturing and application of automation control system platforms and industry solutions. Its products are widely used in subways, mines, oil fields, water treatment, and machine equipment control industries. Since 2003, Hollysys has launched independently developed LM small PLC, LK large PLC, and MC series motion controllers. The products have passed CE certification and UL certification. Among them, LK large-scale PLC is the only large-scale PLC with independent intellectual property rights in China, and has been awarded the “National Key New Product” jointly issued by four national ministries and commissions.

“Certificate. The strategy of “surrounding the city from the countryside” it formulated also allowed Hollysys to occupy a place among domestic PLCs.

05 Ranking of the top ten domestic PLCs: Liancheng PLC

Liancheng PLC is affiliated to Kunming Liancheng Technology Co., Ltd.
Independently developed fourth-generation industrial automation general-purpose PLC. It adopts modular structure

Designed with rich functions, high integration, excellent performance, high reliability, good scalability, and ease of use, it can provide personalized solutions for different industrial fields and is widely used in roads, transportation, water treatment, chemical industry, Energy, heating, electric power, building materials, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy and other industries.

In addition to the various requirements of traditional PLC, the EC400 series PLC also focuses on interconnection. For industrial sites, it can be used for remote rack control through EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, Profinet, Modbus RTU, CANopen and other industrial field buses.
Expand and interconnect with third-party devices; for industrial configuration, it can use standard communication protocols such as OPCUA Server, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, MQTT, and user-defined network protocols

Interact data with various industrial configuration software.

EC400 series PLC has formed 30 types of CPU modules based on 4 different hardware structures, as well as remote I/O communication modules of various mainstream buses, digital input and output modules, analog input and output modules, temperature measurement modules, and pulse positioning modules and high-speed counting modules, etc. At the same time, the software and hardware can be customized and developed according to user needs. Liancheng
It also has upper computer programming software, instruction system, and control algorithm.

and other PLC core technologies. PLC products have the characteristics of high performance, compact structure, powerful functions and high cost performance. They are widely used in textiles and chemical fibers, machine tools, cables, food and beverages, packaging, plastic steel, construction machinery, air conditioners, elevators, printing, and woodworking. Engraving and other industries, it is a domestic PLC manufacturer with completely independent intellectual property rights (100% hardware is purely domestic and independently controllable brand).

06 Ranking of the top ten domestic PLCs: VEICHI PLC

Shenzhen Weichuang Electric Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2005, it focuses on the fields of electrical transmission and industrial control. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of industrial automation products. It has independent intellectual property rights and production bases, introduces foreign advanced technology, and establishes extensive cooperative relationships with famous domestic universities and scientific research institutions, and continuously launches distinctive professional series of products (such as VC1 series, VC1S series, VC2 series). At present, the world’s advanced vector control technology independently developed by the company has been integrated into the company’s multiple series and nearly a hundred specifications of products to meet the needs of various high-end working conditions. It directly replaces imported brands such as Europe, America and Japan, and has become the first choice for many equipment supporting manufacturers. First choice.

07 Ranking of the top ten domestic PLCs: Huangshi Kewei PLC

Huangshi Kewei Automatic Control Co., Ltd.
It is a provincial high-tech enterprise and software enterprise that develops, produces and sells embedded PLC, servo drives and automation systems. It was established in 1995. with Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Co-constructed the “Hubei Provincial Embedded PLC Technology Center”. Kewei PLC is used in small and medium-sized control systems, and 1 million units have been used in various types of machinery and equipment.

08 Ranking of the top ten domestic PLCs: Nanda Aotuo PLC

Nanda Aotuo Technology Co., Ltd.
It was established in October 2008 and settled in the Nanjing University-Gulou University National University Science and Technology Park. It is committed to independent research and development and production of cutting-edge industrial control products with reliable performance, excellent quality and advanced technology. Products with completely independent intellectual property rights cover programmable controllers, human-machine interfaces, frequency converters, servo systems, configuration software, etc., providing users in various industries with overall solutions for automation products. At the same time, the company actively cooperates closely with scientific research institutes and industry users to jointly develop enterprise management information systems based on industry automation solutions, mainly focusing on large and medium-sized PLCs.

09 Ranking of the top ten domestic PLCs: Fengwei PLC

Fengwei Technology Enterprise Co., Ltd., established in Tamsui Town, Taipei County in 1995, is one of the largest PLC manufacturers in Taiwan and one of the most widely used PLCs in Taiwan. It is used in fields such as automation control, energy conservation and environmental protection, and its instructions are similar to Mitsubishi’s. Since its establishment, Fengwei

The R&D team is committed to the development and manufacturing of programmable controller (PLC) products. Since its establishment, Fengwei has faced threats from imported PLC products and competition, as well as domestic manufacturers with strong financial resources competing to invest in the development of PLC. However, surrounded by powerful enemies from all sides, Fengwei has still been supported by many users, with performance and sales year after year. Years of continuous growth.

10 Ranking of the top ten domestic PLCs: Hechuan PLC

Zhejiang Hechuan Technology Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2011, Hechuan PLC is a fully functional compact PLC that can provide high value-added machine control such as industry-leading conveying decentralized control; it also has the ability to be upgraded through various advanced interior boards, large programs capacity memory unit, and efficient software development capabilities in a Windows environment. At the same time, Hechuan PLC can also be used in packaging systems and supports HACCP (parasitic pulse analysis critical control point) process processing standards. It is widely used in various industries such as steel, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, building materials, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, textiles, transportation, environmental protection, culture and entertainment, etc. It has high reliability, strong anti-interference ability, powerful functions, flexibility, and is easy to learn and easy to learn. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and low price. Hechuan PLC has currently established a certain brand awareness in the industrial automation market.

I believe that after reading this article compiled by the editor, everyone will have a certain understanding of what a plc is and the ranking of the top ten domestic plcs. Due to historical reasons, the PLC market has long been dominated by Mitsubishi PLC.
, Siemens PLC and other foreign manufacturers occupy the market, the penetration rate of domestic PLC brands is only about 10%, and most of them are concentrated in the field of mid- to low-end PLC, adopting the OEM manufacturing model.

However, with the popularization of automation in our country, domestic PLC has gradually entered some high-end application fields and large customer supply chain systems. HMI control.
middle. In addition to the domestic PLC brands mentioned in the top ten domestic PLC rankings above, the domestic PLC brands that have become popular in recent years, there are also brands such as Hexin, Zhejiang University Zhongkong, and Yonghong, which have gradually become famous.