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Regarding Apple’s newly launched Vision Pro, I believe many people are full of curiosity and expectations like me. To be honest, this is indeed a product that can bring a new experience. From appearance to function, it is full of futuristic feeling.

It’s not surprising that Apple can come up with Vision Pro. Employees of large factories like me are very concerned about these. I know that Apple has been leading the R&D investment in this area for so many years. The AR/VR R&D department was established in 2015. But now, Apple is not the only one to have similar products. The new generation AR suite Rokid Max Pro launched by Rokid is also worth looking forward to. After all, our country has always been at the forefront of the world in the field of AR.

Based on my understanding of AR/VR wearable devices, Apple, which takes the VST route, and domestic AR, which takes the OST route, such as Rokid, actually have their own advantages. At present, Apple’s technology has not yet reached the point of leading the way.

The advantages of VST mainly lie in occlusion, FOV, and registration information; while OST is superior to VST in terms of brightness, resolution, and delay. If I simply consider the issue from the perspective of a user, I actually don’t care. The daily use scenarios of AR glasses include office work, watching TV series, and gaming. As long as the experience is clear, comfortable, and smooth, it is enough. These basic needs can already be met by domestically produced AR glasses, such as the Rokid Max entertainment set I have.

I am the kind of person who has high requirements for visual experience. Just like watching movies, some people like to watch them comfortably at home, but I must go to the cinema. For me, the giant screen is a very important source of experience. If I miss the release date, I may never watch this movie again. But the situation is different now. Rokid Max can also give me an experience that is comparable to that of a giant screen in a theater.

After putting on the Rokid Max, the visual effect is similar to that of a 360-inch giant screen, which is basically the feeling I get when I go to the cinema and sit in my favorite seat. Rokid Max also has 2k ultra-high-definition picture quality, which can show every detail of the picture, even the actor’s eye makeup can be seen clearly.

In addition to the full picture details, the sound effects of Rokid Max are also very good. The dual positioning speakers equipped on the temples provide a 3D surround sound effect when worn, and they are not as uncomfortable as in-ear headphones after wearing them for a long time. I am really satisfied.

After having Rokid Max, I want to catch up on all the movies I missed before. Thanks to Rokid Max’s sufficient 3D film and television resources, I was able to watch all the films I wanted to watch without any obstacles.

Playing games with Rokid Max is also a great choice. I am a very strange person. Even though I already own various AAA masterpieces, I still want to play childhood games like Super Mario and Contra from time to time. Rokid Max is very suitable for an omnivorous gamer like me. Just downloading a NES emulator can make me happily reminisce about my childhood.

In addition to retro games, Rokid Max can also play many exciting stand-alone masterpieces, as well as some popular mainstream games. As long as you add a membership to Suileyou Cloud Game, you can play all of these at will. The games in it do not need to be purchased separately. After owning Rokid Max, the cost-effectiveness of playing games has skyrocketed.

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Therefore, the answer to the question of whether China can produce real AR glasses is absolutely yes. In terms of technology, the strength of domestic brands is not inferior to that of Apple. Rokid Max Pro is a high-scoring answer sheet handed over by domestic products. It can achieve 6DOF and SLAM gesture interaction with a single eye. Rokid Max Pro can be said to be the beginning of the true AR era.