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Cats and dogs are probably the most common animals to keep indoors, followed by reptiles: lizards, chameleons, and green iguanas; Turtles: Brazilian turtles, tortoises; Snakes: corn snakes; An alligator. Of course, there are insects: spiders, ants, katydids, and so on. Birds and amphibians also have plenty of pets to keep at home, so here’s a look at the top 50 animals in each category.

Dog (10 species)

Generally speaking, there are several issues to consider when keeping dogs indoors: grooming, living space, poop hygiene, etc., so generally small dogs are more suitable for them, so I found 10 types of indoor dogs.


1. Chihuahua: Very small, well-groomed, slightly creepy personality, but still quiet.

2. Teddy and Poodle: Although their hair keeps growing, they don’t lose hair. They need regular care.

3. Bichon Bear: Generally white, like Teddy does not shed much hair, the character is simple and honest.

4. Pomeranian: yellow and white, gentle character.

5. Bugs: Outgoing personality, kind-hearted, lovely, but paying attention to cleanliness.

6. Schnauzer: Long personality, calm personality, very good at the right time to stick to master.

7. Corgi: Open very happy dog, some energy, is the dog to walk why care about me?

8. Fa Dou: relatively quiet, like to accompany the host quietly, but pay attention to cleanliness.

9. Shih Tzu: Shih Tzu is very sweet and gentle, and love to sleep, but also rather delicate, and very clingy.

10. Teacup Dogs: This is a category of dogs with different breeds, including teacup poodles and poodles, but with shorter lifespans.

Cat (10 species)

Cats also recommend 10 kinds of suitable for domestic, in fact, cats are suitable for home. See if there’s a cutie for you, or a cutie to get.

British shorthair

1. British Shorthair: With big round eyes, an apple-shaped head, and a strong curiosity.

2. Persian cat: Cute, flat face, wide forehead, small ears, round eyes, and a flat nose.

3. Siamese cats: Siamese cats are very loyal to their owners and may die of depression if separated forcibly.

4. American Shorthair: The American shorthair is energetic, strong, and muscular, and rarely gets sick.

5. Ragdoll cats: Ragdoll cats are large, soft and long-limbed, docile, and clingy.

6. Maine Coon: Quiet with the owner, but active without owner

7. Folding Cat: Gentle and quiet

8. Garfield: Cute and goofy

9. Bantams: Cute little legs

10. Orange cat: A cat of many breeds

Lizards (8 species)

Here are some less common pets that are just as good indoors. We’ll start with lizards, and then we’ll talk about snakes, insects, birds, pets, and so on.

1. Green iguana: Iguana is one of the most popular reptile pets in the United States. It can be sold in many pet stores in the United States. The juveniles are very beautiful turquoise, and the adults are gray-green. Young green iguanas eat insects, and when they grow up, they eat mostly grass.

2. Maned lizard: Slightly larger as adults, up to 40cm in length, it opens its mouth to expand its prickly throat when angry, just like a lion.

3. Frog eyes: Climbing pet market is very common, relatively mild, active behavior, and relatively cheap price, very suitable for beginners.

4. High-crowned chameleon: its head has a crown-like protuberance, especially since the male is larger, the left and right eyes can move independently, and see different directions, easy to breed, but the price is slightly higher.

5. Leopard: eat insects, gentle temperament, small in size, and is easy to keep. One male living with multiple females, covered in beautiful leopard color, is also suitable for beginners.

6. Dragon lizards: a common domestic lizard species, small in size, large in quantity, and cheap in price, but experienced pet keepers generally believe that this species is very sensitive, and wild individuals usually carry a large number of parasites, and the survival rate of artificial breeding is very low.

7. Green Water Dragon: The domestic lizard is large and can change color. It has a line of highly developed iguana scales in the middle of its back, starting from its neck to the middle of its tail, which all stand up when disturbed.

8. Blue Tongue Skink: Lizard with blue tongue, Australian variety, omnivorous lizard

Turtle (8 species)

Most turtles are actually suitable for keeping at home because they grow slowly and take up no space in the home. Here are some good pet turtles to keep.

1. Brazilian tortoises: Common tortoises are sold in almost every market where there are pets.

2. Burmese Tortoises: Turtles that don’t get sick easily, but are afraid of the cold.

3. Yellow-headed lateral neck Turtle: Likes to live in water and eat vegetables.

4. Map turtles: Slow-growing and lively.

5. Money turtle: Money turtle is a kind of Chinese medicine with high medicinal value.

6. Egg turtle: Unique back armor oval, but also relatively smooth, like an egg, so-called egg turtle.

7. Flame turtle: highly ornamental, limbs and tail red and yellow intersection stripes like flames.

8. Dead Leaf turtle: The shell of the turtle resembles a dead leaf, so it is called a dead leaf turtle


Juvenile crocodile: Four reptiles, and crocodiles must be mentioned, crocodiles as pets indoors can only keep some juveniles or dwarf crocodiles, even the smallest success can grow up to 1.5 meters. Feed crocodiles carefully. I wonder if anyone has an alligator? Talk about feelings.

The snake

There are many kinds of snakes, most of them are climbing pet lovers as pets, and they are basically non-toxic snakes. The popular pet snakes in the market are: corn snake, a king snake, milk snake, brown and black brocade snake, a Chinese water snake, tabby snake, keelback snake, etc., which are relatively small and suitable for feeding at home

The bird

The home balcony is wide and can also keep birds as pets, flower bird market has a variety of suitable for pet birds. The most commonly raised are munia, budgie, pearly bird, zebra finch, and so on.


Basically, we have a big fish tank at home, and we can put any fish we want. Xiaobian is not very familiar with fish farming, so the trouble of understanding can recommend some good fish to Xiaobian.


Ants, beetles, and katydids can be kept, but katydids can choose ants if they prefer silence and viewing the nest.


Some non-venomous spiders can also be kept as pets. Spiders do not belong to insects, so they are put out alone. If a novice chooses a spider, he can choose a spider with a strong vitality and strong adaptability. Good spiders for beginners are Red Rose Pet Spider, Chilean Red Rose, and Mexican Red Knee.


Hamsters, white rabbits, Dutch pigs, chinchillas, and porkers are all small pets suitable for indoor homes and are also very easy to keep. Xiaobian had a hamster at home, it is a little noisy in the middle of the night.